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Latvian brand Alexandra Singur specializes in manufacturing exclusive male and female leather accessories. We offer:

  • wallets
  • bracelets;
  • bow ties;
  • rings;
  • bags;
  • belts.

Our handmade accessories are created with the utmost care and love. All the products are unique and are made in limited quantity.

Our collections are inspired by our dearly loved and peerless city of Riga. Just like its ancient architecture, narrow old town streets, flowering parks, lively restaurants and street musicians create the unforgettable image of the city, our accessories will be a perfect addition to your look and will endow it with refinement, discreet elegance and individuality.

First impression is often crucial. We are convinced that exactly the details of your wardrobe will tell the utmost of your personality. Accessories from Alexandra Singur are all about emphasizing your individual characteristics – striving for success, good taste, self-confidence, attractiveness, mystery, love of life and ability to appreciate every single moment.